VCO (Dry) Dryer

VCO (Dry) Dryer

Conquest dryers have been specially designed for very high outputs at medium to moderately high hot air temperatures, making optimum use of both power and fuel. The pulverized coconut meat travels on multiple perforated tray circuits before entering the fluidization zone. Stainless steel slotted plates and wedged wire screens together with an agitator mechanism or a sweeping arrangement ensures proper and uniform fluidization till the moisture content is brought down to the desired levels.


Output (kg/hr.)


200 – 225


250 – 275


300 – 325


400 – 425


500 – 550

Salient Features & Advantages

  • Particle is first pre dried before being fluidized ensuring optimum utilization of energy.
  • The hot air fan uses aero foil design blades to reduce power consumption.
  • Combination drying ensures gradual moisture removal thus eliminating case hardening, preserving color and flavor.
  • Fully Stainless Steel fabricated insulated plenum chamber minimizes radiation losses. The plenum chamber’s aerodynamic profile ensures even distribution of air over the distrIbutor plates.
  • Can handle particles ranging from 1 mm to 25 mm.
  • Inbuilt full width feed conveyor regulates feed into the drying chamber.
  • Energy efficient and perfectly air balanced dust extraction system for optimum cleaning efficiency.
  • The trays are fitted on special design high load carrying capacity steel chain eliminating the possibility of disruption in manufacture due to snapping of tray carrying chain.
  • A centralized operating console enables an operator to control the dryer from one place.
  • A pneumatic discharge arrangement cools dryer mouth product and facilities conveyorisation.
  • Automatic control system prevents possibility of inadequate drying/over drying (optional).

The dryer is compatible with solid, liquid or gaseous fuel fired hot air generators (direct & indirect).